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Senior iOS Engineer at Onfido. 7+ years experience with iOS and Swift. Blogging my knowledge and experience.

Codable is standardised approach to encoding and decoding data in different formats to and from Swift. In simple this means converting say from JSON to Swift and back. Additionally you can do the same conversion from and to other formats too.

The Codable mechanism along with the JSONDecoder and JSONEncoder…

Computer Vision

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Are you looking to make your physical business contactless? COVID-19 has transformed how business with physical presence need to interact with their customers. Many customers now expect the ability to perform transaction on their mobile devices. Restaurants in the UK only allow to view their menu through your mobile phone…

Swift Programming

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KVO and KVC or Key-Value Observing and Key-Value Coding are mechanisms originally built and provided by Objective-C that allows us to locate and interact with the underlying properties of a class that inherits NSObject at runtime. …


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This is an update to my original post Reusing code with Swift frameworks. The original post showed how to reuse UIKit based code packaged as a framework. Since then Apple has introduced SwiftUI and this post will show you how to reuse your SwiftUI code.

SwiftUI has brought a natively…


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Storyboards and Interface Builder(IB) are great when you start a new UIKit based iOS project. However they can soon loose their appeal as you develop more complex screens, UIs and user flows.

Alternatively you can start develop your UI programmatically. …

Swift Programming

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This article is about how to do Dependency Injection in Swift using Property Wrappers. I assume you are familiar with Dependency Injection and Swift Property Wrappers. Furthermore you should be familiar with the basics of Swift and iOS development.

But before I show you how to do dependency injection using…

Swift Programming

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What is a property wrapper in Swift?

A property wrapper adds a layer of separation between code that manages how a property is stored and the code that defines a property.

In all honesty when I read this bit from’s documentation I did not quite understand what property…


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How do you execute multiple pieces of code at the same time? When beginning coding we are taught code that executes serially or one after the other in order.

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you’re making a simple salad. Here are the ingredients:

  • lettuce
  • tomatoes
  • red onion
  • sweetcorn

Computer Vision

Looking to solve Computer Vision problems using OpenCV? Maybe you are developing an OpenCV algorithm to be used on multiple platforms like iOS and Android.

A great way to develop cross-platform OpenCV algorithms is by writing them in C++ and using Xcode. Both platforms support running and binding to C++…


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The word Cryptography is derived from the Greek words Kryptos and Graphy. Kryptos means hidden and Graphy means writing. Thus Cryptography means hidden writing.


the science or study of the techniques of secret writing, especially code and cipher systems, methods, and the like

This post is an introduction…

Anurag Ajwani

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